I love how a nail file drill feels when it catches ur skin, and before that can an ache last forever? can heartbreak last for ever? I love the glass top of water and the stillness of Hole I don’t know what it means to grow old I’m never not thinking of you
(some news etc. etc. etc.)
or: am I missing everything or feeling everything
(crying in the audience, as though nothing ever changes)
Hola holaaaa hope you are all well!! It’s been a hot min, and I’m working on some rly interesting newsletters (or I think so at least heheheheh) so in…
I can’t stop watching the TikTok videos on the Leikeli47 sound Girl Blunt, where it goes “This shit is a Girl Blunt, I only smoke girl blunts” and the…
or: I luv The White Pube
it's been so long I have missed u all!!! hope u love xxx
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